Why Game 7

Finding candidates, in a space where talent is limited, is our expertise.

Game 7 is committed to providing highly specialized Hardware, Electrical, Software, and Mechanical engineers for short-term, long-term, and contract-to-hire positions throughout the nation. Since we recognize your time is valuable, we have created a recruiting method proven to simplify the hiring process. We are able to provide qualified candidates who can deliver immediate results. We work specifically with vetted engineers who have a long history of contracting and understand the expectations of the client. Therefore, we are always prepared to quickly assist our clients on projects that require expertise and experience within our engineering realm. 

You need an expert engineer who can come in “in a clutch” and bring your projects to completion on time and in full. Our team begins working on your requests immediately to ensure we can present qualified candidates right away. Our database contains a myriad of available engineers in various skill sets who are ready to start their next project. 

Our process:

We approach every project need as if it is our own, taking the time to thoroughly understand the requirements of the job so we can properly identify the perfect candidate.

  1. Long before receiving a job order, our team of Technical Recruiters is constantly recruiting highly skilled hardware, electrical, software, and mechanical contract engineers. In doing so, they create a solid network of available engineers allowing Game 7 to respond to our client’s contract needs promptly.
  2. Once we receive a job order, our Technical Recruiters begin searching through our extensive database of in-demand engineers to identify the candidates with the best qualifications for the role. They utilize our social networks and referral system to enhance their candidate submissions as well. 
  3. Our engineers undergo a rigorous screening process to confirm they are a match for both your technical requirements and your company’s culture as well. Our Recruiters apply emotional intelligence and a “common sense” approach throughout the screening process to evaluate their knowledge and temperament. 
  4. Our main goal is to make your life easier by taking the workload and burden of hiring contractors off your hands. You can trust that we will only send a shortlist of qualified, available candidates. Your Account Manager will support you throughout the hiring process- whether it’s supplying a brief candidate summary or relaying candidate feedback or scheduling and facilitating interviews. We guarantee constant support from submission to start. 
  5. Throughout the process, our team will provide valuable market insights and unique perspectives, giving our clients and candidates a personalized recruiting experience. Our absolute dedication to our talent and our clients is what makes us successful. 

How are we able to deliver top Engineers to your team? 

  1. Our Account Manager will conduct a detailed discovery call with the hiring manager to obtain information about the job expectations to help us identify the best engineer for the project. Our Account Managers will become an extension of your company. They will work closely with all parties throughout the entire process. 
  2. Our Technical Recruiters then go to work searching for potential candidates. Once we identify a possible fit, we will prescreen the candidate to evaluate their competency, their cultural fit, and their ability to provide immediate value to the client. 
  3. Once you’ve identified an engineer for the role, Game 7 will start the background screening process and assist with all onboarding efforts to provide a smooth hiring experience from start to finish. Once the candidate has begun, your Account Manager will contact you regularly to ensure each placement is performing to your standards. 

Our promise:

  • To stay in constant contact with you throughout the hiring process, including promptly responding to your phone calls and emails.
  • To listen, learn, and be transparent in all communication. 
  • To always respect and uphold confidentiality. 
  • To value your time and commitment by striving towards quality and competency.

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