Contingent Staffing

Our contingent staffing solutions provide a strategic way to overcome most workforce planning challenges.

At Game 7 Staffing, we know how to find quality engineers for the right price and on your timeline. For businesses of any size, contingent workforce staffing offers a substantial opportunity to reduce these labor costs while improving their output in the most complex technical tasks.

Game 7 Staffing is a technical staffing agency with years of experience helping businesses supplement their project needs with contingent labor. We are here to help you meet all your software, electrical, hardware, and mechanical engineering needs. 

Benefits Of Contingent Staffing Services For Tech Companies

As the tech industry evolves, many businesses are beginning to turn to contingent staffing agencies to meet their project needs. With Game 7 Staffing, companies get access to top engineering talent without the immense time and financial commitment commonly associated with recruiting high caliber candidates. 

Our extensive database holds more than 20,000 pre-screened candidates across multiple disciplines, allowing us to respond to your requests quickly. 

We are continuously investing in cutting-edge recruiting technologies and practices to maintain a high-quality candidate database in the rapidly-changing tech industry.

Our contingent staffing solutions allow you the flexibility to place skilled engineers when and where you need them the most, reducing the amount of time you spend searching without sacrificing quality. 

Benefits of contingent based recruitment include:

  • Reducing your company’s talent acquisition and retention costs
  • Access to specialized skills as needed
  • Faster onboarding
  • Professionals who have worked in multiple fields bring a unique perspective to your projects
  • Pre vetted talent placement ensures you get the right candidate the first time around

What To Expect When Working With Game 7 Staffing? 

Whether it’s increased production demands or specialized skill gaps on your team, Game 7’s contingent staffing solutions provide a strategic way to overcome most project challenges. You will be assigned an Account Manager to guide you through the entire process. After assessing your staffing needs and goals, we will determine the best recruiting approach to guarantee we find the perfect match for your team. 

We have a profound understanding of the technical skills and industries of our clients. We use this knowledge to help identify engineers that satisfy your technical requirements, strengthen your team, and enhance your productivity.

The Rise Of The Contingent Workforce Solutions

The gig economy is here; remote and contract work continues to increase. Contingent staffing will be the new normal as we move forward. Game 7 Staffing has the in-depth knowledge and expertise in contingent staffing required to help you adapt to this new business landscape.

Your Contingent Staffing Expert

With access to top engineering talent, Game 7 Staffing will help you pave the road to success. Ready to staff your engineering project? Give us a call at 512-592-3900 and speak to a specialist today!


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